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Talbro Products

TALBRO the synonyms for quality tools

TALBRO a name and an idea, which has stood for innovation in the hand tools field with a clear orientation to the future. TALBRO tools enjoy an excellent reputation in Germany and international markets on their performance and reliability. We work constantly to further improve our products and the service of our company in all fields.

Quality control comes first

Our success is based on quality without compromise. TALBRO offers one of the most comprehensive offering of professional quality of spanners. Our monitoring starts in the early of design and tool development. Full CAD / CAM facilities and strict quality control from selection of raw material to the finished products are applied to guarantee product quality and design excellence. Contact Us for More Information

Talbro Sockets Talbro Tools Talbro Spanner Sets
TALBRO Sockets TALBRO Tools TALBRO Spanner Sets

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Talbro offers one of the most comprehensive offering of quality spanners.


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