Drill bits HSS for high resistance drilling

Fastflex offers grinding, cutting, sanding and drilling products for industrial and commercial usage. This includes mounted points, cutting, sanding, flap discs and drill bits HSS, to name a few. HSS refers to High Speed Steel and implies that the product, or drill bits in this case, are manufactured of high quality steel with “superior properties”. Products are imported from our Mother company in Germany, and this enables us to provide quality material, free of reconstructed grit. Customers have come to expect nothing less than solid service, competitive pricing, and great attention to detail from us.

A drill bit is used as a cutting tool for cylindrical holes and drill bits HSS is one of several types. There are a wide variety of bit sizes with just as many uses, and as the name suggests, the drill bits are designed to go hand in hand with your divergent drilling equipment. Holes are mostly cylindrical, but bits for non-cylindrical holes are on the market as well.

A list of all the different types and sizes of bits can be found on the Fastflex website. Drill bits HSS are designed to handle very high temperatures during the drilling process and are durably built to last longer! If this seems too much to take note of, there’s no need to stress - our sales personnel, including those handling online queries, are well-trained and can comfortably cover the different sizes, uses and even make suggestions based on your task or project scope.

There are four different types of steel bits. The low carbon ones are soft and cheaper than the other steel bits, therefore they are used to drill wood only, and preferably softwoods. High carbon steel bits have been tempered and hardened and can withstand tougher materials than the low carbon steel bits. They are used for metal or wood surfaces. As mentioned, “drill bits HSS” is made of “high speed steel” and is considered a hard bit that can withstand heat better than the previous two bits.

Drill bits HSS are used for hardwood and metal, plus to a large degree has replaced the bits made with carbon steels. The fourth kind of steel bit is the one made with cobalt steel alloys; this allows for even higher temperature before the bit is affected. They drill stainless steel and other materials of a very tough nature. The drawback of these bits, however, is the fact that they are brittle, definitely more so than the normal HSS.

Fastflex stocks these bits, cutting discs, flap discs and much more depending on your project requirements. Contact us today for the most competitive quote!

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