Why and how to use a hole saw for small home projects

Hole saws are ingenious inventions that are utilised when you need to cut a perfectly circular hole in material. By using a drill as the foundation it utilises a circular-shaped saw that attaches to the end and spins. This allows for smooth and convenient cutting of circles where you would normally have to drill and shape a hole.

Choosing the right size

As with screwdrivers, hammers and drill bits, hole saws and their fittings come in various sizes so that you can carefully select the size of the hole before you begin cutting. The specialised fittings that fit onto the drills, allow for hassle-free modification. This is not difficult and simply requires a moment of time to measure the area, estimate the size of the hole you want and choose the corresponding hole saw with appropriate fitting.

The complication of depth

Here is where it gets a little tricky. When cutting a hole in material it’s vital that you check the depth that the hole needs to be. This is because some materials that are too wide will require you to cut from both sides toward the centre, rather than straight through from one side. This is not as complicated as it sounds though, as you already have all the tools you need to execute the job.

How to cut from both sides

You need to insert a drill bit into your drill before you install the hole saw, or more specifically the fitting with the blade. In effect the drill transforms into a hole saw machine for cutting purposes. Then you simply need to drill through the material with the drill bit first and create a centre that will guide you. After you have a centre, install the hole saw fitting and use the drill bit to keep the saw in the right place. Once you reach halfway, turn the material around and do the exact same thing from the opposite side. If you have done this carefully, you should be able to cut a hole with ease and accuracy.

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Why and how to use a hole saw for small home projects

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