Pferd Products for precision cutting and more!

When it comes to high quality, value for money and high performance products, Pferd has in many ways been leading the way. From cut-off wheels, mounted points, cutting discs, flap discs and heavy duty products, Pferd products are no doubt innovative and they deliver optimum results.

Pferd cut-off wheels come in different dimensions and designs, convenient for a variety of functions. The chop saw, table cut and universal cut-off wheels are designed for cutting solid material, profiles and pipes. The rail special cut-off wheel is specially designed for rail cutting. The heavy duty high performance cut-off wheel on the other hand is for cutting solid material, profiles and pipes with stationary high performance machines, while the laboratory high performance cut-off wheels are specifically for cutting of laboratory samples.

Pferd products, especially the chop and heavy duty products have been supplemented to include new dimensions to meet market requirements. The laboratory cut-of wheels are relatively new in the Pferd products range and have been developed for cutting operations in the preparation of metallographic samples. The cut-off wheels are characterised by a solid steel main body containing no abrasive grain.

There are multiple benefits from Pferd cutting products. The steel core for instance permits the use of smaller clamping flanges, and because of the steel core, the abrasive cut-off wheels display superior lateral stability. The wheel residue disposal costs are also avoided as the steel core does not contain abrasive media.

Pferd cut-off wheels are not just innovative and cutting edge technology, they come at competitive prices and they are high quality products made from first grade material, free from reconstructed grit. Like all other Pferd products, the cut-off wheels come highly recommended in the competitive abrasive industry.

For high quality Pferd products, a quality service through personal attention and a hands-on approach you can rely on Fastlex! We specialise in high quality products, from Pferd cut-off wheels, to mounted points, cutting discs and other Pferd products. Our prices also remain highly competitive, ensuring that you receive maximum value. Call Fastflex now for Pferd products and the widest range of cutting discs, drill bits and much more.

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