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Eurocel adhesive tapes

Fastflex is a Eurocel adhesive tape supplier in Johannesburg. including anti-slip tapes, proteective tapes and masking tape. Eurocel adhesive tapes have been engaged in the design, production and manufacture of different tapes in Johannesburg for construction and maintenance, safety and home use under the brand EUROCEL over the last 35 years. Eurocel tapes falls under the Sicad Group whose products cover a wide range of applications. The factory covers an area of 90 000sqm the Sicad’s team of 275 members contribute to the careful manufacturing process whilst upholding the maximum respect for the environment.

The product of self-adhesive tapes with various adhesive structures is carried out according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards in Sicad’s head office in Italy.

Eurocel tapes can be used for homes, offices and industry with a miriad of uses eg:

Safety non slip and barrier tapes, art projects, home and office maintenance and construction.  

Fastflex in Alberton, Johannesburg, a large selection of Eurocel tapes eg adhesive and other tapes for use in construction, maintenance and decoration. Find Out More

Eurocel tapes has a selection of products:

  • Masking tape
  • Duct tape
  • Filament tape
  • Foil tape
  • Buff tape
  • GDA as well as RDA tape
  • Barrier tape
  • Aluminium Tape
  • Reflective tape
  • Anti - slip tape


Packaging Tape

Masking Tape Duct Tape
Packaging Tape 
Eurocel packaging tapes used in moving,
sealing boxes, packaging items to courier
and creating a protective barrier for painting.
Available in various sizes
Masking Tape
Used in painting, masking tape is
easy to apply and remove,
allowing for a neat finish
with painting projects

Duct Tape Pre Pack

Multipurpose, sticky and strong
the duct tape is a waterproof tape
useful to seal jars,fix a tent
or shoe and a PVC pipe.
Available in different colours

Insulation Tape

Barrier Tape Anti Slip Tape
Insulation Tape Pre Pack
Insulation tape is used to insulate wires,
maintenance, handyman jobs
and construction.

Barrier tapes


Colour coded barrier tapes available
according to your needs 

Anti-slip Tape
Floor care, anti slip tape, 
available in different colours
for non-skid areas eg
stair edges,workers shoes
and potentially hazardous surfaces

Aluminium Tape


Reflective Tape


Floor Marking Tape
Aluminiumm Tape
Foil tape used to wrap
insulation cables and temperature sensitive

Reflective Tape
Used for better night-time visibility
on trucks, difficult to see areas

Floor Marking Tape
Create barrier lines on floors, adhesive tapes

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Eurocel has been engaged in designing, producing and manufacturing of self-adhesive tapes.


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