Selecting and using the right flap disc

Flap discs have been growing in popularity over the past decade through the provision of more affordable grinding and blending, as well as finishing tasks. Flap discs are essentially designed to allow for less gouges and burning with less harsh cutting. They are also lighter than grind discs, making them easier to manoeuvre and easier to switch out. Another benefit includes lighter vibrations, meaning reduced noise and fatigue, making the job of the user simpler and more efficient. There are a few primary considerations when selecting and using flab discs as outlined below.


Flat flap discs are generally used on right angle grinders so as to allow the face of the flaps to work at optimum. However, varying conical flap discs have been designed to be used at any angle for different purposes. These discs are designed especially to handle aggressive grinding and stock removal, provide a larger surface area and are for both contoured and flat work. Flat flap discs are ideal for finishing tasks and provide remarkable performance when blending. ‘Harmonising’ the two by using a flat flap disc after a conical flap disc, is ideal for the finest quality workmanship!

Backing Plate

Three particular materials shine out from the rest, and each has its own specific function corresponding to your needs. Aluminium plates are used when high durability and rigid support is required. Fiberglass plates reduce vibration, smearing, and are excellent for finishing. Plastic plates are versatile and great for blending as they can be trimmed to specific and unique sizes.

Flap Density

Flap discs density dictates the amount, spacing and angle of flaps for each disc. For desired results it is essential that you match the appropriate density to the necessary application. High density flap discs are good for gradient and curved areas, while standard density is used for heavy-duty stock removal.

Grit Type

The appropriate grit size is arguably one of the highest priorities when choosing the right flap discs and most providers will be able to offer 3 choices. Aluminium Oxide is the ‘Ford’ of flap discs and is the original abrasive used for metalworking. This material is perfect for smaller jobs that require inexpensive consistency. Zirconia Alumina provides excellent cost per cut and is commonly used for light to medium grinding and blending. Ceramic Alumina is the latest and greatest innovation in flap discs, offering you consistent sharp cutting as well as greater durability.

Fastflex specialises in flap discs, cutting discs, sanding discs, drill bits and more. With 30 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured of quality products and reliable service!

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